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Release time:2020-03-13 Publisher: Sanhe Machinery


Adopting elevator grade cast iron casing, processed by horizontal CNC boring machine, ensuring accuracy and stability. The worm gear shaft is made of forged chromium steel, which has higher strength. The copper worm gear and shaft are integrated and cast together, never loosening. The material of the worm gear teeth is made of specially made aluminum bronze, which achieves the best strength and wear resistance. The worm gear adopts 20CrMnTi overall quenching and tempering treatment, high-frequency quenching and precision grinding of tooth shape and bearing position, and full meshing inspection with the worm gear to ensure fit clearance and transmission accuracy. The whole machine adopts high-precision bearings made in the United States to ensure its service life. The gearbox is equipped with a swing arm and electronic control, with full load and continuous continuous testing and operation for over 60 days, which is extremely stable.
We have sufficient confidence to meet the needs of the industry and plan to push it to the market for customer inspection, making contributions to the die-casting automation industry.

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