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Let's talk about the role of copper alloys
Release time: 2020-10-20 Publisher: Sanhe Machinery
Recently, I saw many friends on Zhihu who are not in the field of casting asking, "What is the role of copper alloy smelting?"?, Today, let me give everyone a good understanding.
There are three main types of raw materials for copper alloy smelting: cathode copper (electrolytic copper), geometric waste generated during processing, and purchased scrap copper. In order to achieve the required alloy composition ratio, it is necessary to melt it. In copper alloy smelting, the proportion of raw materials is directly related to the quality of casting products and production costs.
The role of copper alloy smelting: (1) preparing alloys. According to the alloy composition ratio, select appropriate metal raw materials, melt and refine at high temperatures to obtain qualified alloy melts. (2) Melt purification. By using chemical reactions, physical adsorption, sedimentation and other refining measures to remove gas and impurities, the quality of the metal is ensured. (3) Melt metal. Transforming solid raw materials into liquid melt through high-temperature heating, in order to have sufficient fluidity and fill the mold cavity during casting.
Many products in daily life are made of copper alloy, such as wires and cables, copper models, etc. In industry, a lot of mechanical bearings use steel balls and copper sleeves, as well as copper bearing shells, copper ball seats, copper guide plates, worm gears, copper worm gears, etc., which are widely used.
       Dongguan Sanhe Machinery Co., Ltd Established in February 2008. Since its establishment, we have been focusing on the research and manufacturing of copper alloy materials! Over a period of ten years, continuously accumulating and improving; Relying on professional technical talents and advanced production and testing equipment, we can customize the production of various grades of copper alloy mechanical parts for customers both domestically and internationally. The production capacity of a single casting can reach 1000 kilograms.


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