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What is pressure casting?
Release time: 2021-04-24 Publisher: Sanhe Machinery
What is pressure casting?
Pressure casting is a casting method that rapidly fills the metal mold cavity with molten metal under high pressure and solidifies under high pressure. This method is commonly known as die casting.

The characteristics of pressure casting:
(1) The casting production process is simple, easy to mechanization and automation.
(2) The surface quality of die-casting parts is high, and the surface roughness is generally Ra<6.3um, which can reach Ra0.8um. The surface structure is dense and the mechanical properties are good.
(3) The dimensional accuracy of die-casting parts is high, and the accuracy can reach CT6-8.
(4) The wall thickness of die-casting parts is thin, and the thinnest copper alloy die-casting parts can reach 1mm, saving metal.
(5) Short production cycle, fast die-casting speed, high production efficiency, suitable for large-scale production, and low cost.
(6) The production equipment is complex, the cost of die-casting molds is expensive, and the investment is large.
Pressure casting has a wide range of applications, suitable for brass, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, tin alloy, lead alloy, etc. It is suitable for casting parts with very complex shapes, fine surface patterns, and other materials, such as cylinder blocks, camera casings, phone casings, gears, letterheads, household appliances, and computer parts.
The formulation of die-casting process is an organic combination of three elements: die-casting machine, die-casting die and die-casting alloy. It is a process in which pressure, speed, temperature and other factors are unified. Therefore, in the process of die-casting, not only the structural and technological properties of die-casting castings, the progressiveness of die-casting dies, the excellence of equipment performance and structure, the selection of die-casting alloy and the standardization of melting process should be emphasized, More attention should be paid to the important role of die casting process parameters and their effective control.

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